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HTML5 Embedded Goodness from Sketchfab

Posted in Link tagged with html5 Tue 16 Oct 2012 10:03 am

We’ve seen some great examples of HTML5 animation, but I’ve just come across a service that allows you to embed your own 3D models using HTML5, just like the one below (you’ll need to click it to begin).

Sketchfab is a service to publish your 3D content online. As well as being able to upload your models from tons of 3D formats, the site uses HTML5 to render the models in the brower, without the need of any proprietary plug-ins.

This is easily one of the best HTML5 services I’ve seen. Off the top of my head, it might actually be the first HTML5 based service I’ve seen at all…

Sloppily typed by Nick Pyett