Hi there! I’m Nick Pyett and I’m a freelance web developer based in Manchester, UK. I’ve been developing web sites since 2006.

Web Development

I work with open-source programming languages, frameworks and content management systems to create many different types of web site. I make portfolio and brochure web sites; registration sites and delegate management systems; responsive sites (like this one!) and mobile sites; content managed web sites and e-commerce product sites. I typically work with small and medium sized businesses, and charities.

PHP, CodeIgniter & jQuery

I am a PHP developer, and one of my preferred CMS solutions is PyroCMS. It’s a fantastic CMS platform fit to manage news sites, blogs and e-commerce sites. I also use the PHP application framework CodeIgniter to create bespoke web solutions where an off-the-shelf solution will not fit a projects objectives.


As well as being a PHP developer I also work with front-end technologies, including CSS3 and jQuery. I also love a bit of HTML5; from standards compliant, semantic mark-up to scripting canvas animation that are drawn right in your browser.

Here is a test HTML5 canvas animation modeling exponential bacterial growth! (You will need a modern browser like the latest version Firefox or Chrome to see the animation).

When I’m not Developing Web Sites

Outside of work I enjoy five-a-side football, music and playing guitar, and reading about modern marketing and true-life adventure books. I also write a blog about web development, online marketing and design.

Get in Touch

If you would like some more information or advice, or you think that we can work together, you can get in touch directly by emailing me at contact@nickpyett.com or using the contact form on my contact page.