Will It All Fit?

Posted in Travel, tagged with baggage 11/02/2013 2:14 pm

Will it all fit?

Will it all fit?

I'm leaving for the airport in about two hours to travel the world. Not bad, eh?

It's something I've wanted to do (and been going on about) for years, but today's the day. So, will all my stuff fit in my 60 litre backpack?

I'm starting in Thailand, going through Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and north America. I'll do my best to keep my blog updated with photos and goings on.

I'm flying to Bangkok, and hope to see the Grand Palace and Wat Arun (and maybe a rooftop bar), then head out and see Ayutthaya, the Death Railway, Chang Mai and then further south to see some of the islands.

I'm staying connected while I'm away to look after Sixth Domain. We've been doing loads of work recently behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly and with minimal admin. The one benefit of being responsible for a web app is you can do it from anywhere. After all, there are worse places to debug code than a beach in Thailand or cafe in Singapore.

Wish me luck - I've started well. It all fit.

Sloppily typed by Nick Pyett