I Travelled All the Way to Bangkok, and Look Who Was There to Greet Me

Posted in Travel, tagged with transport 14/02/2013 12:27 pm


Getting off my train from the airport in downtown Bangkok, this is who was staring down at me. I know Giggs gets around, but this is ridiculous!

It's not really so suprising if you support a global brand/team like Man U. Talking to a few of the locals, Liverpool FC are quite popular (even though they are having a terrible season), and also Leicester City, because they are sponsored by a Thai company.

Downtown Bangkok isn't great. It's only really any good if you like shopping. One cab ride to the more tousisty area of Ratanakosin took me almost an hour to go about 5km. It only cost £4 though. 

My best peice of advice in Bangkok is watch out for mopeds. They are everywhere. On the pavements, going the wrong way down roads, weaving in between cars. I woudn't be supripsed if I saw one riding through my hotel foyer.

Sloppily typed by Nick Pyett